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Employee Engagement | Employee Volunteering | Life Skills

Our story began in 2019 with a strong belief that everyone has the power to make a difference. FundCorps partners with corporates to amplify giving culture at the workplace. It happens every day at FundCorps that each employee goes through a unique and amazing experience volunteering online for a cause. We aim to impact billions of lives across the globe with the collaborative efforts of employees and credible NGOs across the globe.

The employee engagement/volunteering program of fundcorps is a online experiential learning program for corporate workforce. It enables employees to learn crucial life skills, volunteer their time online for a social cause, increase productivity at work place and creates massive impact in the society.

The experiential learning program of FundCorps teaches crucial life skills as a foundation for hard skills to reach their full potential and increase productivity at the workplace. It massively inspires giving culture at workplace, enables personal, social and professional development of workforce.

Corporate employees go through a unique and amazing experience of 14 days campaign that raises awareness and funds for a social cause. It starts with a leadership workshop for about 90 minutes which includes an interactive session on life skills and crowdfunding skills, followed by an online crowdfunding campaign. Post campaign, employees visit the NGO and volunteer their time and skills.

FundCorps is focused on changing the world through crowdfunding. As a platform we focused on ensuring zero poverty, zero hunger, good health and hygiene, quality education, gender equality, clean and affordable energy, employment and economic development, climate change and more. However, FundCorps does not support political parties and religious organisations.

We follow a very stringent process while selecting an NGO to partner with any corporate campaign. We work with registered NGOs across the country. The due diligence includes legal check, compliance, financials, impact check, KYC and background check, auditing of the proposal, leadership, and impact assessment. We do this so that as a corporate you can crowdfund for an NGO with confidence.

With FundCorps program of Employee Payroll giving, beyond doing a crowdfunding campaign, employees can choose to donate an amount of their choice from their salary each month towards the charity. The money is deducted automatically from the employees account every month.

Branding mixed with good PR always results in both customer loyalty and higher sales. The crowdfunding campaigns are done under the banner of the partnering corporate that ensures an excellent brand exposure to millions of potential customers and great PR. We also take care of PR article in the print media along with celebrity endorsement of the brand.

There is no upfront cost to the corporate or to the employees. Our fees is directly linked to what gets raised during the campaign. However, our platform fees is 7.5% + GST and in addition, there is a payment gateway fees of 3% + GST. The NGOs bear this cost.