Our Story

FundCorps through crowdfunding is focused on uniting volunteers and problem solvers (NGOs) to join hands and take online and field action (Social Volunteering) and make a difference in society.

Transforming lives and communities

FundCorps crowdfunding in the past years of operations have empowered more than 10000 volunteers across corporates, colleges, schools, and NGOs. These volunteers have raised awarness and funds that has impacted lives of million across PAN India.

Vision and mission

Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in a change-making experience. Our mission is to identify problem solvers/NGO's and financially empower them through crowdfunding to be able to make a difference in society.

Along with its mission and vision, our guiding principles helps us consistently delivers best and improves over time

Empowering artisans

We help artisans from low-income background to sell their lovely handmade products through our platform. We aim to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship to be able to transform communities.

Made in India !

A strong team is the foundation of a high-performing organization and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organization. In the team, we have Mr. Ramesh Joshi (Founder - CEO), Mr. Prashant Ghosh (Co-founder CTO), and Mr. Husain Modi (Co-founder - CFO)

How we got here

It all started in 2019 with a passion to crowdfund and support the requirements of the farmers from the low-income communities and eventually ventured into crowdfunding for other causes like education for children, women empowerment, jobs for youth, and more.

We have been financially empowering NGOs/Non-profits through crowdfunding and making a difference across the globe.

Corporate employees to change-makers

Our loved and most trusted employee engagement provides enriching experiences to your workforce with hassle-free management at your end. This helps them to focus on learning new life skills, growing existing ones, and ready to deploy newly learned life skills at the workplace. Globally companies are integrating our program as an investment to their sustainable business strategy.

Meaningful employee engagement

Need any customized life skill and employee engagement program for your workforce? We are the best ones to do that.

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