10000+ Employees voluntered | 150+ Organisations supported | Leadership workshops

Our customized and unique services for corporates

Life Skill Training

Customized life skill training for the corporate workforce

Celebrity brand endorsement

Corporates are rewarded with celebrity brand endorsement for active participation

Email brand promotion

Customized company product/service promotion over email

Print media

An excellent print media coverage across the country

Beneficiary brand promotion

Customized company brand promotion at the beneficiary level

Zero cost

Life skill training, celebrity endorsement, email promotion, print media, and more at no cost to the corporate

Employee volunteering

An opportunity for employees to volunteer their time and skills at an NGO

Social volunteering certificate

Employees are rewarded with social volunteering certificate

How It Work

Very interesting & exciting employee engagement/volunteering program

Created with Snap

Leadership Workshop

A free 45min life skills and crowdfunding skills workshop is conducted with the employees


Campaign Launch

Employees volunteer their 15 to 30mins of their leisure time online to learn skills and raise funds


Social impact & perks

Employees are rewarded with a certificate and the social project is executed by the NGO

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